Now that you understand why exposure is so important, below are other key factors when selling your property. These simple and inexpensive tasks can have very positive impacts on how your property is viewed upon by prospective buyers. Note: There are several. You could have executed each one which applies with tact, poise, and an utter guarantee of applause-by even your most feistiest neighbor or the most pickiest of buyers, BUT none of it will truly matter without the proper exposure.

SELLING FACTOR #2: Condition of property

California is a beautiful state with many beautiful inhabitants. BUT, we are also some of the pickiest people on the planet-go to any coffee house and just listen to patrons ordering their energizing drinks. Below is a continuing guide to ensure that your property does not fail the expectations of at least a modest home shopper.

A) Cleanliness leads to happiness

Please make sure that your property is free and clear of clutter, debris, or other items such as dust or stains. Last time we checked, no one likes anything that is not clean or a mess. This especially goes for kitchen, bathrooms, and anywhere your pets may spend a lot of time.

B) Take yourself and/or family out of the house-including your pet.

Most any buyer likes to have the illusion that the property they are purchasing is for them and was meant for them from the point of their inception to this life. Therefore, depersonalize your property. Items such as personal or family pictures, personal likes in memorabilia, etc., make the property feel less inviting and in some cases even less desirable as a whole. Also include hiding or discarding any pet associated items. 

C) Let there be light

The sun is the most important star in the universe for us humans. Therefore, why hide the sun and all of its glorious rays from prospective buyers. Light excites the mind, gives clarity to your visual perception, and works wonders for selling a property. A bright filled room will attract more individuals to take a look, than one which is dimly lit. If big heavenly Uncle Sun isn’t shining in all of your rooms, then simply replace the dimness with manmade light. Lamps, candles, etc., can add the extra quality your property needs to show well.

PLAIN AND SIMPLE, FSBO's need to have a competitive edge in the marketing of their property. Without the proper exposure, you may not be obtaining the highest or best offer the active market can provide. WHY CHEAT YOURSELF?

You have already taken the lead in selling your home yourself. Why stop at the very key component of marketing? The thousands you’ll save not paying a five or six percent commission may be easily lost by not instinctively reaching all prospective buyers. It is only logical to want maximum exposure, especially when selling such a high value asset.

But moreover, there are several other incentives why our service works, and how it will benefit you. Call and speak directly to a professional who actually wants to see you SUCCEED AND SAVE!!!

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