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D) Magically increase your square footage overnight

The phenomenon known as “clutter” is expanding each and every day across America. Let’s face it, the number of storage facilities is growing and not because of the population either. It is because we humans are now holding on to almost everything of monetary or sentimental value we come across. So what does one do to alleviate the unsightly disposition of clutter? It is as SIMPLE as granny’s apple pie recipe; have a garage sale, rent a temporary storage unit, or simply discard of items. As you are trying to set a desirable appearance. Ever been inside a hotel room, timeshare, or other commercial residential property to which is dedicated to possessing a neat and orderly appearance? Sure you have-but on the very odd chance that you have not, simply Google hotel room or vacation timeshare and look at the corresponding images.

Basically, you want to have your property have an appeal of being a very inviting space where limitless fun filled activities can be achieved, shared, and enjoyed. Moreover, a habitat that ultimately can be sold again with ease if need be. Unfortunately, this is to include closet space. Make your closet space feels bountiful. Ask yourself or others-for a more honest answer. Does your walk-in closet feel like a disaster area after a tornado? Or does your sliding closet door get stuck halfway down the track due to the overwhelming items enclosed in it? Or is your walk-in closet, not a walk-in closet anymore? If answered yes by you or your closest confidant, then it may be time to temporarily rent a storage space. The few dollars you spend on a storage unit could bring you many many more dollars for your most prized possession.

E) You only get one chance to make a first impression

You just never know when, “the buyer” is going to walk through your front door. Therefore, try to ensure that everything we have mentioned throughout this website is at its pinnacle point in supreme display. Keep the exact routine in regards to the physical aspect when showing your property. Hopefully, it will only take a few days or hours before a buyer decides that your domicile will be his/hers dedicated space of living for years to come. 

SELLING FACTOR #3: Showings      

ACCESS, ACCESS, ACCESS. Any store has operating hours. It is through these operating hours that the business owner has the opportunity in showcasing their product(s) for sale which will in turn have prospective buyers wanting to purchase or go to the next store. SAME GOES FOR SELLING REAL ESTATE. Be sure to have-as best as possible, consistent hours for the showing of your property. If the store is closed most of the time, then how are buyers going to be able to know whether or not they want to buy from you-the FSBO. Flexibility in showing your property is good too. Special circumstances sometimes call for a last minute showing. BUT, do not bend over backwards or falter on the showing of your property, if the property is not ready to show. As remember, you only get one chance to make a first impression. It is a juggling act at times as we Californians live insanely busy lives. But at the end-and again, this is only suppose to be a short term juggling act; because if your property is priced right, clean, ready to show, AND YOU HAVE THE RIGHT EXPOSURE, there is next to almost no reason why your property shouldn’t sell. Take it from us here at For Sale By Owner California Real, there is no magic formula to sell your own home-just a little bit of common sense, strategy, and most importantly the right EXPOSURE!!!!

Call today and speak to an honest individual who wants to see you succeed and save from having to pay a hefty commission. What on heavens Earth are you waiting for…? Make the call; you’ll be glad you did just as the tens of dozens of other FSBO’s have.


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